CountryBear Top 100 Songs For 2004

      Rank Title                           Artist                   Record Co.              
      1    Live Like You Were Dying        Tim McGraw               Curb
      2    He Gets That From Me            Reba McEntire            MCA                             
      3    Fall Apart                      Zach Broocke             ZB
      4    20 Years Ago                    Jeffrey Steele           Lofton Creek
      5    When I Think About Cheatin'     Gretchen Wilson          Mercury
      6    When Somebody Knows You That WelBlake Shelton            WB
      7    Desperately                     George Strait            MCA
      8    I May Hate Myself In The Morn.. Lee Ann Womack           MCA
      9    High Lonesome                   Jedd Hughes              MCA
     10    Just A Phase                    Stan Swiniarski          Up Cellar
     11    Too Much Of A Good Thing        Alan Jackson             Arista
     12    I Go Back                       Kenny Chesney            BNA
     13    Good Problem To Have            Donovan Chapman          Curb
     14    Look At Us                      Craig Morgan             Broken Bow
     15    Let Them Be Little              Billy Dean               Curb
     16    Hard On A Heart                 Sammy Sadler             Texas
     17    The Watch                       Scotty Emerick           Dreamworks
     18    I Hate Everything               George Strait            MCA
     19    You'll Think Of Me              Keith Urban              Capitol
     20    If Nobody Believed In You       Joe Nichols              Universal South
     21    What A Difference A Day Makes   Gene Watson              Intersound
     22    Rag Top Down                    DK Davis                 Rt. 66
     23    How Am I Doin'                  Dierks Bentley           Capitol
     24    Can't Tell Me Nothin'           Brad Cotter              Epic
     25    Patsy Proof                     Rick Sousley             CDTex
     26    I Do                            Rick Holdin              RH
     27    Whiskey Kind Of Way             Zona Jones               D
     28    Friday Night Lights             Vince Hatfield           Blue Moon
     29    Gambled Away Our Love           Troy Cook Jr.            Stardust
     30    The Last Thing She Said         Ryan Tyler               Arista
     31    Four Walls                      Randy Travis             WB
     32    Home Made Of Stone              John Arthur Martinez     Dualtone
     33    Shadow Of A Big Black Bird      Jack Blanchard/Misty MorgVelvet Saw
     34    Drinkin' Doubles                Cody Widner              Dreamkeeper
     35    Mud On The Tires                Brad Paisley             Arista
     36    I Miss Me                       Brad Cotter              Epic
     37    If Heaven                       Andy Griggs              RCA
     38    Memory Of You                   Stoney Edwards           Darkhorse
     39    House Of Negotiable Affect      Zona Jones               D
     41    Suds In The Bucket              Sara Evans               RCA
     42    No One Ever Died From A Broken..Paula Mengarelli         Comstock
     43    Raise Him Up                    Randy Travis             WB
     44    We All Fall Down                Diamond Rio              Arista
     45    You've Got A Memory That Just.. Darl Enga                TGIC
     46    That's What I Love About Sunday Craig Morgan             Broken Bow
     47    You Are                         Jimmy Wayne              Dreamworks
     48    I Ain't Leaving                 Patrick Glenn            El Toro Grande
     49    The Lord Loves The Drinking Man Mark Chesnutt            Vivation
     50    Music                           Lucky Shy                Arrowhead
     51    Days Go By                      Keith Urban              Capitol
     52    Nothin' To Lose                 Josh Gracin              Lyric Street
     53    5 Cards On The Mantle           Joe Tinoco               NBCD
     54    Who's in The Mood               Jim Ed Brown/Helen CornelDoorknob
     55    The Next Glass                  Jared Ashley             JA
     56    If You Never Loved Me           J. Michael Harter        Broken Bow
     57    Devil In The Bottle             Hank Williams Jr.        Curb
     58    Angel's Arms                    Billy Pierson            Oak
     59    I'm Not Running                 Big Rain                 Oak
     60    Save A Horse                    Big & Rich               WB
     61    Don't Break My Heart Again      Pat Green                Republic                        
     62    You Can Hear The Ryman Cry      Kyle Jennings            Darkhorse
     63    You're My Better Half           Keith Urban              Capitol
     64    Tougher Than Nails              Joe Diffie               Broken Bow
     65    Still                           Con Hunley               Immi
     66    Just One More                   Craig Dillingham         Carnival
     67    That Changed Me                 Chad Brock               Broken Bow
     68    Spread A Little Love Around     Ricky Skaggs             Skaggs Family
     69    The Hatfields & McCoys          Vince Hatfield           Blue Moon
     70    Circus Leaving Town             Travis Tritt             Columbia
     71    Rock Me Gently                  Tony Brantley            Oak
     72    If You Ever Stop Lovin' Me      Montgomery Gentry        Columbia
     73    Bad Case Of Missing You         Oak Ridge Boys           Spring Hill
     74    The Wrong Girl                  Lee Ann Womack           MCA
     75    My World Is Over                Kenny Rogers/Whitney DuncCapitol
     76    The Woman With You              Kenny Chesney            BNA
     77    Buckaroo Tattoo                 Brenn Hill               CdTex
     78    He Only Talks About Her         Brad & Shelly            Cupit
     79    How Do I Get Off The Moon       Doug Stone               Lofton Creek
     80    Wasted                          Jamie Richards           D
     81    Redneck Woman                   Gretchan Wilson          Epic
     82    Turnin' Off A Memory            Doc Holiday              Mega International
     83    Monday Morning Church           Alan Jackson             Arista
     84    Miracles Or Magic               Bailey Jester            Johnny Cut
     85    My Imagination                  Clint Black              Equity
     86    Raised On Country               Charlie Wayne            Door Knob
     87    Flies On The Butter             Wynonna                  Curb
     88    The Perfect Man                 Whitney Layne            WL
     89    Sure Enough                     Troy Cook Jr.            Stardust
     90    Maybe In Mexico                 Tommy Alverson           CdTex
     90    I Think The World Needs A Drink Terri Clark              Mercury
     91    Misty Blue                      TG Sheppard              Destiny Row
     92    Where I Belong                  Rachel Proctor           BNA
     93    Make Somethin' Of It            One Mile South           Row House
     94    Wagon Wheel                     Old Crow Medicine Show   Nettwerk
     95    Cowboys Don't Get Lucky All ... OJ Hanssen               HotDisc
     96    Lee Anna                        Johnny Lee               Title
     97    I'm Not Breaking                John Foster              MTM
     98    Someday You'll Look Back        Joe Berry                Western Heart
     99    Long Slow Kisses                Jeff Bates               RCA
     100   Patiently Waiting               Brett Buckland           HotDisc



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