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Top 100 Songs of 2013

The CountryBear has now changed it's weekly Spin report to make it more user friendly. The week's report is now sorted by artist's name followed by the song title, label and Spin Category.

Here is the Spin legend:

Power -----32 Spins

Medium----- 22 Spins

Light-----16 Spins

Indie/Extra----7 Spins

Americana-----7 Spins

     Artist                    Title                                     Record Co.         Folder
     100 Mile House            Last Call                                 Chronograph        Americana
     23 String Band            Leave Everything To Me                    SR                 Americana
     Aaron & Amanda Crabb      If I'm Guilty                             Difference         Light
     Aaron Noble               I'm A Drinker & I'm A Dreamer             Cricket Power      Indies/Extra's
     Aaron Pritchett           Suntan City                               On Ramp            Light
     Ace Diamond               Gimme That Rockabilly Music               HotDisc            Light
     Ace Diamond               Trucker's Boogie                          Allagash           Medium
     Adrianna Freeman          No More                                   APM                Indies/Extra's
     Alex Culbreth             Where Will My Troubles Go                 SR                 Americana
     Allen Karl/Donna Cunninghamin't It The Truth                        Century II         Indies/Extra's
     Amy Allen                 Someday Is Today                          Wormwood           Americana
     Amy Black                 Hello                                     Reuben             Americana
     Amy Rose                  Sunshine                                  SR                 Power
     Andy Griggs               Ramblin' Man                              HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Andy Griggs               Are You Sure Hank Done It That Way        HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Arabella Jones            Let's Roll                                SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Ash Breeze                Without Love                              Mountain Fever     Americana
     Ashley Gearing            Boomerang                                 Curb               Medium
     Ashley Robertson          Wild & Free                               AR                 Indies/Extra's
     Ashton Shepherd           Seventeen Again                           PLA                Medium
     Austin Lucas              Small Town Heart                          New West           Americana
     Austin Webb               Raise 'em Up                              Streamsound        Indies/Extra's
     Band Perry                Chainshaw                                 Curb               Medium
     Barbara Findlay           Snow Angels                               SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Bart Connell              Enough Ain't Enough                       HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Bart Connell              What A Way To Go                          HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Bastard Sons Of Johnny Casheave A Light On                          Randm              Americana
     Becky Moore               Lay It Down                               HMG                Indies/Extra's
     Bellamy Brothers          I Love Texas Girls                        CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Bernie Nelson             Scarecrow                                 SR                 Americana
     Bertie Higgins            Another Day In Paradise                   HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Big & Rich                Look At You                               B&R                Power
     Big Country Bluegrass     I'm Puttin' On My Leaving Shoes           Home Grown         Americana
     Bill Brooks               Call Home                                 Canyon Creek       Indies/Extra's
     Bill Kirchen              Tell Me The Reason                        Proper             Americana
     Billie Joe + Norah        Long Time Gone                            Reprise            Americana
     Billy Chernoff            Stumble Stones                            HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Billy Joe Burnette        A Bottle Of Wine                          Pretty World       Indies/Extra's
     Billy White Jr.           Another Day In Love                       SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Billy Yates               As I Kiss My World                        HotDisc            Medium
     Blackie & Rodeo Kings     Try Try Try Again                         FUM                Americana
     Blair Mathews             It's About Us                             Stoneyhill         Indies/Extra's
     Blake Berglund            Love's Never Made Man A Living            Oceanman           Americana
     Blake Shelton             Doin' What She Likes                      WB                 Power
     Blue Highway              Remind Me Of You                          Rounder            Americana
     Blushin' Roulettes        Let It Roll                               Cinnamon Bones     Americana
     Bo Porter                 Mama Came To Texas                        SR                 Americana
     Bobby Bare Jr.            If She Cared                              Bloodshot          Americana
     Bobby Bare Jr.            Make The World Go Away                    Plowboy            Americana
     Bobby Dean                Country Country                           Lamon              Light
     Bobby G. Rice             Is This The Way You Say Goodbye           Century II         Power;Top 100 ...
     Bobby Lewis               Alice In Wonderland                       SR                 Light
     Boo Ray                   Six Weeks In A Motel                      Fe                 Medium
     Boo Ray/Jodi James        Let The Cards Fall                        Fe                 Americana
     Brad Paisley              The Mona Lisa                             Arista             Light
     Brandon Chase             One                                       AE                 Indies/Extra's
     Brandy Clark              In Some Corner                            Slate Creek        Power
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     Artist                    Title                                     Record Co.         Folder
     Brantley Gilbert          Bottom's Up                               Valory             Medium
     Brett Eldridge            Beat Of The Music                         Atlantic           Light
     Brett Kissel              3-2-1                                     On Ramp            Light
     Brian Greenwood           All You've Got Left Is A Song             Rainsong           Light
     Brooke Woods              Honky Tonk Heaven                         Spirit Sound       Indies/Extra's
     Brothers Osborne          Rum                                       EMI                Light
     Brushfire Stankgrass      Moonlight On The Camp                     SR                 Americana
     Bryan Shayne              Country Off My Mind                       CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Bryan Sutton              Anyhow I Love You                         Sugar Hill         Americana
     Buzz Cason                Pretend                                   Plowboy            Americana
     Cameron Milford           Hiding In Tennessee                       Stonybridge        Americana
     Cameron Nelson            Run Both Ways                             CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Carlene Carter            Gold Watch And Chain                      Rounder            Light
     Carolina Story            Your Children's Children                  Stitched Together  Light
     Carolina Story            Even When The Road  Gets Hard             Stitched Together  Americana
     Carrie Ann Carroll        Honeymoon                                 Treehouse          Americana
     Casey Weston              Crazy Fools                               CW                 Indies/Extra's
     Cassadee Pope             Wish I Could Break Your Heart             Republic           Medium
     Charee White              Did I Matter                              HMG                Indies/Extra's
     Charlie Boston            Why Can't You Love Me                     HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Charlie Worsham           Want Me Too                               WB                 Light
     Chase Bradley             Country Boys                              SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Cherlene                  Danger Zone                               KJG                Americana
     Cheryl K. Warner          If You Ain't Shootin' From The Heart      Western Heart      Indies/Extra's
     Chris Chitsey             Lonely In Tucson                          SR                 Medium
     Chris Cox                 Over The Moon                             CMM                Indies/Extra's
     Chris Daniels             Better Days                               SR                 Light
     Chris Higbee              Wild & Crazy                              HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Chris Higbee              Fiddles Rock                              HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Chris Jones               Where I Am                                Homegrown          Indies/Extra's
     Chris Loid                Until The Earth Stands Still              SR                 Medium
     Chris Loid                She Loves A Memory More Than Me           SR                 Light
     Chris Shiflett            King Of Fools                             Le Coq Napoleon    Americana
     Chris Young               Who I Am With You                         RCA                Medium
     Chuck Hancock             Me & My Counsience Disagree               SR                 Power
     Chuck Hancock             Don't You Ever Get Tired (Of Hurtin' Me)  SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Chuck Mead                Ain't Nothin' Like The Love Of A Woman    Plowboy            Americana
     Claire Lynch              Everybody Knows I've Been Crying          Compass            Americana
     Clare Dunn                Get Out                                   SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Claudia Russell           These Shoes                               Radio Rhythm       Americana
     Clay McClinton            Beer Joint                                Clayster           Americana
     Clay Walker               Jesse James                               Curb               Light
     Clinton Gregory           Roots Of My Raising                       Melody Roundup     Americana
     Clinton Gregory/Collin Rayeome Real Good People                     SR                 Power
     Clyton Gardner            Tabel For Two                             CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Cody Abbott               Dam This River                            CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Cody Prevost              Someday                                   On Ramp            Medium
     Cole Swindell             Hope You Get Lonely Tonight               WB                 Light
     Connie Mims               I Can't Love You Anymore                  Canela             Indies/Extra's
     Courtney Jaye             Every Time We Say Goodbye                 SR                 Americana
     Cowboy Dave               Dive Of Dives                             CDB                Americana
     Cowboy Joe & Babcocks     The Good That Only Love Could See         Canyon Creek       Indies/Extra's
     Craig Campbell            Keep Those Kisses Coming                  SR                 Light
     Dakota Bradley            Somethin' Like Somethin'                  Streamsound        Indies/Extra's
     Dan + Shay                19 You + Me                               WB                 Light
     Dan Masterson             Fine                                      DM                 Americana
     Dan Tedesco               Favorite Of All Time                      SR                 Americana
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     Artist                    Title                                     Record Co.         Folder
     Darius Rucker             Miss You                                  Capitol            Medium
     Darius Rucker             Radio                                     Capitol            Indies/Extra's
     Dave Caley                Look Who's back From Town                 SR                 Medium
     Dave Caley                Old Violin                                SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Dave Ellis                Like I Used To                            DE                 Americana
     David Carter              Hey Bahama Mama                           Playback           Light
     David Nail                Kiss You Tonight                          MCA                Light
     David Starr               Underneath The Clear Blue Sky             HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Deena                     Bring It All                              SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Dennis Ellsworth          Face In The Mirror                        True North         Americana
     Dennis Ledbetter          Bayou Self                                Mallory            Power
     DK Davis                  Waitin On The Weekend                     Rt. 66             Power
     DK Davis                  Waitin' On The Weekend                    Rt.66              Power
     Doc Holiday               Moonshine Ride                            Mega               Americana
     Domino                    All We Need Tonight                       HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Don Williams              Working Man's Son                         Sugar Hill         Light
     Donna Cunningham          Beer Bottle Brown                         Century II         Indies/Extra's
     Doug Newnum & SOS Renewal Where Would I Be                          Platinum Plus      Medium
     Downday                   The Last Song                             SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Downtown Mystic           In The Cold                               SR                 Light
     Drake Jensen              When It Hurts Like That                   SR                 Light
     Drew Kennedy              Hello Goodbye                             Atlas Aurora       Americana
     Drew Womack               The Way Love Rolls                        CDTex              Americana
     Duece                     Cowboy Up & Party Down                    Mega               Indies/Extra's
     Dustin Lynch              Where It's At                             BBR                Light
     Dusty Sanderson           Dang Good Country Song                    Lamon              Light
     Dusty Smirl Band          Lubbock Lights                            CDTex              Americana
     Earl Parker               Rock N Roll Cowboy                        Doorknob           Indies/Extra's
     Easton Corbin             Clockwork                                 Mercury            Medium
     Eileen Carey              Let It Go                                 SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Eli Young Band            Dust                                      Republic           Light
     Eric Brace                I Know A Bird                             Red Beet           Americana
     Eric Church               Give Me Back My Hometown                  EMI                Light
     Eric Paslay               Song About A Girl                         EMI                Light
     Erica Nicole              I Listen To My Bad Girl                   PCL                Indies/Extra's
     Erica Sunshine Lee        Girls Night Out                           SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Farewell Drifters         Tennessee Girl                            Compass            Americana
     Faron Hanes               Against All  Odds                         HMG                Americana
     Feller & Hill             Government Blues                          Homegrown          Americana
     Fergal Flaherty           Hey Son                                   HotDisc            Medium
     Florida Georgia Line      This Is How We Roll                       Universal          Light
     Frank Ifield              Just Let Me Make Believe                  HotDisc            Medium
     Frankie Ballard           Sunshine & Whiskey                        WB                 Light
     Gail Davies               You're Movin' On                          Little Chicadee    Americana
     Gal Holiday               She's A Killer                            GH                 Americana
     Ganey Arsement            I'm Sorry                                 Salty Bayou        Americana
     Gary Curtis               Crazy Love                                HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Geoff Hansplant           Already Gone                              Twilight Tango     Americana
     George Ducas              Gimme Back My Honky Tonk                  CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Gerald Smith              You Play Like Chet                        Melody Roundup     Indies/Extra's
     Girls Guns & Glory        All The Way Up To Heaven                  Lonesome Day       Americana
     Glenna Bell               Everybody's Changing                      SR                 Americana
     Glg Band                  Number 3                                  HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Gloriana                  Best Night Ever                           WB                 Light
     Gord Bamford              When Your Lips Are So Close               SR                 Power;Top 100 ...
     Gordon Mote               Faith Like That                           SR                 Light
     Grace & Tony              Holy Hand Grenade                         Rock Ridge         Americana
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     Artist                    Title                                     Record Co.         Folder
     Grace & Tony              November                                  Rock Ridge         Americana
     Grady Yates               My Black Suit                             GY                 Americana
     Graham Clark              Who's Gonna Hold Me?                      HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Grant Peeples             She Was A Wildflower                      GatorBone          Americana
     Grascals                  Two Boys On A Dirt Road                   Mountain Home      Americana
     Grascals                  It Won't Break My Heart                   Mountain Home      Light
     Greencards                Love And Other Errors                     Darling Street     Americana
     Greg Susoreny             Gently Breathe                            HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Gretchen Wilson           Crazy                                     Redneck            Indies/Extra's
     Gwen Sebastian            Anie's New Gun                            Flying Island      Indies/Extra's
     Haden Triplets            Oh Take Me Back                           TMR                Americana
     HalleyAnna                The Letter                                SR                 Americana
     Hank Williams III         On My Own                                 Curb               Power
     Hannah Belle              Preacher's Daughter                       CPM                Indies/Extra's
     Hard Working Americans    Down To The Well                          Thirty Tigers      Americana
     Hayley Oliver             Bright Side Of Life                       HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Heidi Feek                There Lives A Fool                        Western Pinup      Americana
     Hicks                     Unreachable Dream                         HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Hicksville Band           She Don't Know                            HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Holly Williams            My Love                                   Reviver            Americana
     Homer Hart                The Good Drugs                            9 North            Light
     Hot Club Of Cowtown       I'm In The Mood For Love                  Proper             Americana
     Howe Gelb                 Running Behind                            New West           Americana
     Hugh Bob                  My Truck Feels Like Driving               SR                 Americana
     Hunter Harvey             Everybody's Got Somebody But Me           Atlantic           Medium
     Hunter Hayes              Invisible                                 Atlantic           Power
     Ian Thomas                After All These Years                     Universal          Americana
     Infamous Stringdusters    Road To Boulder                           High Country       Americana
     Irene Kelley              Things We Never Did                       Patio              Americana
     Isaac Cole                I'm Just A Kid                            HMG                Indies/Extra's
     Jack Greene               Walking The Flloor                        Pretty World       Indies/Extra's
     Jake Owen                 Beachin'                                  RCA                Light
     James Payne               Hand Full Of Nails                        Double E           Light
     Jamie O'Neal              Wide Awake                                Shanachie          Light
     Jamie O'Neal              The Sweetest Thing                        HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Jason Glenn               I'm Gettin' Gone                          Tallen             Indies/Extra's
     Jason Helms               1st Class White Trash                     CDTex              Americana
     Jason Isbell              Johnny Reb, That's Me                     Plowboy            Americana
     JD Messer                 Road Less Traveled                        HotDisc            Americana
     Jeff Griffith             She's Killing Me                          HotDisc            Medium
     Jeff Griffith             She's All I Ever Drink About              HotDisc            Medium
     Jeff Maddox               Running                                   Platinum Plus      Light
     Jeff Whitehead            Wake Up                                   JWM                Americana
     Jennifer Nettles          Me Without You                            Mercury            Light
     Jere Lowe                 Drowning In My Tears                      JL                 Americana
     Jeremy Phifer             Take The L Out Of Lover                   HMG                Indies/Extra's
     Jerry Audley              Hurtin' All Over Again                    CDTex              Americana
     Jerry Castle              Spiral Stairs                             My World           Americana
     Jerry Castle              Precious Time                             JC                 Americana
     Jesse & Noah              You Could Have Had It All                 SR                 Medium
     Jessie Lee Cates          Scotland                                  HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Jill & Julia              Wildfire                                  Lamon              Indies/Extra's
     Jim Anthony               Who Do You Think                          HMG                Indies/Extra's
     Jim Chesnut               Oklahoma Morning                          SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Jim Fullen                How Great Is God's Love                   SR                 Light
     Jim Fullen                Hide 'n Go Seek                           Hanging Tree       Light
     Jim Lauderdale            Land Of My Dreams                         Sky Crunch         Americana
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     Artist                    Title                                     Record Co.         Folder
     Jim Lauderdale            I'm Looking Thru You                      Reviver`           Americana
     Jim Lauderdale            I Loved Her After All                     Smith              Americana
     Jim Stricklan             Nineteen 82                               CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Jimmy Eugene              Eyes Can & Do Lie                         Whiss              Indies/Extra's
     Jimmy Eugene              Adios                                     Whiss              Indies/Extra's
     JJ Lawhorn                Good Ol Boys Like Us                      Average Joe        Light
     Joe Allen                 Can't Take All These Things               SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Joe Nichols               Yeah                                      Red Bow            Light
     Joe Russell               Point The Way                             HMG                Indies/Extra's
     Joel Crouse               Why God Made Love Songs                   HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     John Blackwell/Susie McEntiree                                      HMG                Indies/Extra's
     John Connolly             Thorn In My Shoe                          True North         Americana
     John Long                 Inside A Bottle                           Pretty World       Indies/Extra's
     Johnny Cash               If I Told You Who It Was                  Columbia           Americana
     Johnny Lee Cook           Walk On                                   HMG                Indies/Extra's
     Johnny Mears              Coach                                     Western Heart      Indies/Extra's
     Johnny Orr                We'll Get By                              J&J                Indies/Extra's
     Johnny Rivers             Summer Rain                               Soul City          Americana
     Jon Pardi                 What I Can't Put Down                     Capitol            Indies/Extra's
     Josey Milner              Cowgirls                                  SR                 Light;Top 100 Si...
     Josh Fuller               Old Whiskey                               CDTex              Americana
     Josh Tiemann              Cowboy                                    CDTex              Americana
     Joyce Shaffer             Only Five                                 Western Heart      Medium
     Junior Gordon             Sunday Morning                            CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Justine Blazer            On The Edge With You                      HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Kacey Musgraves           Keep It To Yourself                       Mercury            Medium
     Kali Rose                 Stained Glass Window                      HMG                Indies/Extra's
     Kara Grainger             Shiver & Sigh                             Eclecto            Americana
     Karl Straub               Afternoons Gone Blind                     Red Beet           Americana
     Kate McRae                A Little Bit                              HMG                Indies/Extra's
     Kate McRae                A Little Bit                              HMG                Indies/Extra's
     Katie Armiger             Safe                                      HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Katie Glassman            Tryin' To Get To You                      Fiddle Parlor      Light
     Keith Urban               Cop Car                                   Capitol            Medium
     Keith Urban/Miranda Lamberte Were Us                                Capitol            Medium
     Kel-Anne Brandt           Grandma                                   Western Heart      Indies/Extra's
     Kelleigh Bannen           Famous                                    EMI                Indies/Extra's
     Kellie Pickler            Closer To Nowhere                         Black River        Light
     Kelly Willis              Pike County Rose                          Red Beet           Americana
     Kelly Willis/Eric Brace   So Many Miles                             Red Beet           Americana
     Ken Yates                 The One That Got Away                     Mishara            Americana
     Kenny Davin Fine          Dreamin'                                  Wence              Indies/Extra's
     Kenny Rogers/Dolly Parton You Can't Make Old Friends                WB                 Indies/Extra's
     Kiki Ebsen                Where Did My Heart Go Wrong               Painted Pony       Americana
     Kip Moore                 Young Love                                MCA                Light
     Kirby Sisco               American Warriors                         SR                 Indies/Extra's
     KK Miller                 One Wore BLue                             Western Heart      Americana
     Kristina Craig            Nowhere To Be                             HMG                Indies/Extra's
     Laini Risto               I'll Be Here For You                      Comstock           Medium;Top 10...
     Lake Street Dive          Rental Love                               SIgnature          Americana
     Lambchop                  Jim I Wore A Tie Today                    Plowboy            Americana
     Lana Gibson               I'm Movin On                              HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Lana Gibson               Old Love Lingers                          SR                 Americana
     Larissa                   Where I'm Going                           HMG                Indies/Extra's
     Laura Cantrell            Starry Skies                              Thrift Shop        Americana
     Laura Dodd                Take Me Back                              HMG                Indies/Extra's
     Lee Ann Womack            Let 'em In                                Reviver            Americana
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     Artist                    Title                                     Record Co.         Folder
     Lee Brice                 I Don't Dance                             Curb               Medium
     Lee Sims                  Blues On Parade                           SR                 Power
     Lennie Gallant            The Call                                  True North         Americana
     Leon Everett              Jack Daniels Met John 3:16                Pretty World       Indies/Extra's
     Leona Williams            The Way It Is                             Pretty World       Indies/Extra's
     Levi Lowrey               Urge For Leaving                          Roar               Americana
     Levi Riggs                I'm Good                                  HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Lisa Lambert              Come On Home                              HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Lisa Lyman                Take Me                                   Western Heart      Indies/Extra's
     Lost Hollow               Oil And Water                             HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Love & Theft              Night That You'll Never Forget            RCA                Medium
     Luke Bryan                Play It Again                             Capitol            Medium
     Luke West                 In Tennessee                              SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Lynn Anderson             Sweet Memories                            Center Found       Indies/Extra's
     MacLear & Quinn           Only One For Me                           SR                 Indies/Extra's
     MacLear & Quinn           Sweet Summer Days                         SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Madeline Smith            State Of Mind                             SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Mandolin Orange           The Run Around                            YepRoc             Americana
     Mandy Barnett             Legend In My Time                         Rounder            Americana
     Mandy Barnett             How's The World Treating You              Plowboy            Americana
     Mare Wakefield            Empty                                     Sputnik Sound      Americana
     Mark Chesnutt             Heartache County                          Western Heart      Medium
     Mark Raborn               McGee's A Minor Waltz                     MR                 Americana
     Mark Trethewey            Angel In Disguise                         Western Heart      Indies/Extra's
     Markus Fox                I'm Still Coming Home                     Outdoor            Medium
     Marla Ratliff             You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet                Canyon Creek       Indies/Extra's
     Marshall Dane             Alcohol Abuse                             MTS                Medium
     Marty Denton              Phasebook                                 Trip Junction      Indies/Extra's
     Mary Chapin Carpenter     I Am A Town                               Zoe                Americana
     Matraca Berg              Yesterday                                 Reviver            Americana
     Matt Kimbrow              Abilene                                   CDTex              Americana
     Melinda Doolittle         Boquet Of Roses                           Plowboy            Americana
     Melissa Brooke            You Could Have Heard A Tear Drop`         CDTex`             Medium
     Melissa Brooke            You Can't Hide In A Small Town            CDTex              Light
     Mexican Joe Walker        Louisiana Saturday Nite                   HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Michael Coleman/Jody BoothRadio Don't Sound Like Me                 CDTex              Americana
     Michael Eston             Sunday Funday                             SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Michael Martin Murphey    Faded Blues                               Red River          Medium
     Michaela Anne             I Ain't For You                           Georgia June       Americana
     Michelle Cupit            She's A Trainwreck                        Cupit              Indies/Extra's
     Michelle Murray           Trip Around The Sun                       SR                 Americana
     Michelle Wright           Strong                                    HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Mike Archer               Slow It On Down With Me                   SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Mike Carlisle             Alicia                                    Cricket Power      Recurrent CD's;I...
     Mike Gracy                All I Need                                SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Mike Morgan               Early Morning Rain                        SR                 Medium
     Miles Williams            Make You Mine                             Render             Americana
     Miranda Joy               Love Don't Even Know My Name              Mega               Indies/Extra's
     Miranda Lambert           Automatic                                 RCA                Light
     Miss Jeanie               Summer's Gone                             Megalith           Indies/Extra's
     Miss Tess                 Hold Back The Tears                       Signature          Americana
     Mollie O'Brien            Just Go                                   Remington Road     Americana
     Moore & Moore             Show Me Your Country                      HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Moore & Moore             Mississippi Missing You                   HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Moot Davis                The Reason                                Crow Town          Americana
     Murphy Elmore             Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time        HMG                Light
     Myra Rolen                Walk Out Backwards                        Pretty World       Indies/Extra's
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     Artist                    Title                                     Record Co.         Folder
     Myra Rolen                Truth Is I'm A Liar                       Pretty World       Light
     Myrol                     Somewhere Inside                          Western Heart      Light
     Nancarrow                 Smokey Tavern                             Randm              Americana
     Natasha Owens             The Cure                                  HMG                Indies/Extra's
     Nathan Young              Texas Women Suit Me The Best              DoorKnob           Indies/Extra's
     Nell Robinson/Jim Nunally Old Old House                             NRM                Americana
     Nickel Creek              Destination                               Nonesuch           Americana
     Nikki Nelson              Just The Right Amount Of Wrong            Trip Junction      Light
     Nikki Nelson              Bed Of Roses                              Trip Junction      Indies/Extra's
     Old Crow Medicine Show    Dixieland Delight                         ATO                Indies/Extra's
     Ollabelle                 Get Back                                  Reviver            Americana
     Parmalee                  Close Your Eyes                           Stoney Creek       Medium
     Pat Waters/Rachel SizemoreHey Paula                                 PW                 Indies/Extra's
     Pete Kennedy              Love Like That                            HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Peter Mulvey              Remember The Milkman?                     Signature          Americana
     Peter Noone               Something Old Something New               Plowboy            Americana
     Phil & Gaye Johnson       Don't Be Afraid                           Aster              Americana
     Philomena & Ray           Fire Of Two Old Flames                    HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Phoenix Stone Band        When The Whiskey Doesn't Work             HotDisc            Light
     Poco                      Long Shot                                 Poconut            Americana
     Rachel Holder             Shining Now                               Curb               Light
     Rachel Turner             Meet Me In The Middle                     SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Rachel Turner             Meet In The Middle                        Rustic             Indies/Extra's
     Ralph Stanley II          Simle For Me                              Home Grown         Americana
     Randy Allen               I Wouldn''t Have Made It Here             SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Randy Thompson            No Future In The Blues                    HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Rascal Flatts             Rewind                                    Big Machine        Medium
     Ray Benson                A Little Piece                            Bismeaux           Americana
     Ray Martin                The Miracle                               MTM                Light
     Ray Price                 I Wish I Was 18 Again                     Amerimonte         Light
     Ray Price/Mary Sarah      Heartaches By The Number                  e144               Indies/Extra's
     Ray Scott                 High Road                                 HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Ray Scott                 My Kind Of Music                          HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Raymond  L. Boudreaux     Silver Wings                              Pretty World       Indies/Extra's
     Raymond Gonzalez          A Little Magic                            RG                 Americana
     Re Mattei                 Country Love                              Checo              Indies/Extra's
     Rebecca Frazier           Darken Your Doorway                       Compass            Americana
     Reed Turner               Locking Doors                             RT                 Americana
     Rene Jones                Gold In The Ground                        Double E           Indies/Extra's
     Richard Burr              Walk With Me                              Kickin Dust        Light;Top 100 Si...
     Richard Hall              It's Time For A Change                    SR                 Power;Top 100 ...
     Richard Lynch             I Just Stood There & Lied                 SR                 Power
     Richard Lynch             Walk On By                                KMA                Indies/Extra's
     Richie Allbright          Down Her Memory Lane                      CDTex              Americana
     Riley Etheridge Jr.       Another Time Another Place                Rock Ridge         Americana
     Rob Allen                 Trail Of Tears                            HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Robby Johnson             South Of Me                               Contrast           Indies/Extra's
     Robert Earl Craig         He Was There All The Time                 HMG                Indies/Extra's
     Robert Ellis              Chemical  Plant                           New West           Americana
     Robert Rolfe Feddersen    Dave's Lament                             SR                 Americana
     Robyn Young               Heaven Must Be Missing One Angel Tonight  Pretty World       Indies/Extra's
     Rodney Atkins             Doin' It Right                            Curb               Light
     Rodney Crowell            Grandma Loved That Old Man                New West           Americana
     Rodney Crowell            Every Night                               Reviver            Americana
     Ronnie Milsap             Summer #17                                Sony               Power
     Rooster Quantrell         I'll Forgive You                                             Indies/Extra's
     Rory Payne                About The Child                           RPM                Indies/Extra's
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     Artist                    Title                                     Record Co.         Folder
     Roseanne Cash             Modern Blue                               BLue Note          Power
     Rosehill                  The Bible And The Gun                     Cypress Creek      Indies/Extra's
     Ruby Dee                  I Remember 2+2                            Dionysus           Americana
     Russ Nottingham           Maybe                                     HMG                Indies/Extra's
     Rusty Truck               Buildings                                 SR                 Americana
     RW Hampton/Mary Kaye      Baby It's Cold Outside                    Cimarron           Americana
     Ryan Casper               The Power Of A Picture                    Musik              Indies/Extra's
     Rythmicure                Stay                                      Lamon              Americana
     Sammy Hakim               Get A Little Closer                       Lamon              Indies/Extra's
     Sand Sheff                I Met Merle Travis                        SR                 Americana
     Sandy Carroll             Good To Be Home                           Catfood            Indies/Extra's
     Sara Petite               Forever Blue                              SR                 Americana
     Scooter Brown             Summer Song                               CDTex              Power
     Scotty McGreery           Feelin' It                                Mercury            Light
     Scotty McGreery           See You Tonight                           Mercury            Medium
     Seth Hopkins              Till The Town Burns Down                  Harvest            Indies/Extra's
     Shantell Ogden            Only God Knows Why                        Hip Far            Medium
     Sharrell Barerra          Modern Day Superman                       SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Shawn Campbell            Fall In Love Again                        Chance             Light
     Sherry Lynn               Girls Will Be Girls                       SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Sheryl Crow               Callin' Me When I'm Lonely                WB                 Medium
     Shoebox Letters           There's A Cowboy                          SR                 Power
     Sins Country              Muscadine                                 SR                 Light
     Small Town Heroes         I Know It's Wrong                         ATO                Americana
     Smokey River Boys         I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry               Platinum Plus      Power
     Soundtrack                Steam Room Stories Song                   SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Special Consensus/Dale Ann Bradleye Again                           Compass            Americana
     Special Consensus/Rhonda Vincentne On My Shoulders                  Compass            Americana
     Spencer Elliott           Us Again                                  SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Spinney Brothers          I Wish I Could Have Met Carter            Home Grown         Americana
     Square Neck Dobro         I'm Just Sayin'                           SR                 Power
     Stephen Kellogg           Good Ol Days                              SK                 Americana
     Steve Earle/Allison MoorerI Will                                    Reviver            Americana
     Steve Holy                Radio Up                                  Curb               Medium
     Steve Richard             South Of Heaven                           Force MP           Power
     Steve Richard/Laura Dodd  The Rock of Which I Stand                 HMG                Indies/Extra's
     Steve Scott               I Think About You                         Bona Vita          Indies/Extra's
     Steve Shirey              When I Got Saved                          HMG                Indies/Extra's
     Steve Vaus                Heal This Land                            HMG                Indies/Extra's
     Steven Graves             Take A Stand                              SR                 Americana
     Steven Graves             Let It Ride                               SR                 Light
     Stonewall Jackson         I've Got To Change                        SR                 Medium
     Stray Birds               Loretta                                   SB                 Americana
     String Cheese Incident    Song In My Head                           Sci Fidelity       Americana
     Susan Cattaneo            Haunted Heart                             Jersey Girl        Americana
     Suzy Boggus               You Don't Have Very Far To Go             Loyal Dutchess     Americana
     Switchback                Van Tassel                                WayGood            Americana
     Swon Brothers             Later On                                  Arista             Light
     T. Jae Christian          Too Far From Home                         Universal Sound    Indies/Extra's
     Tattletail Saints         Emily                                     Old Oak            Americana
     Taylor Made               That's How I Roll                         SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Tennessee Country Orchestraooked On Country                         HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     The Amigos                More Than Friends                         SR                 Americana
     The Bankesters            Where I Am                                Home Grown         Americana
     The Currys                Wrecking Ball                             SR                 Americana
     The Deadfields            Give It Back                              DM                 Americana
     The Family Crest          There's A Thunder                         Tender Loving EmpirAmericana
     CountryBear Radio     Weekly Spin Report
                                                                                           Page 9
     Artist                    Title                                     Record Co.         Folder
     The Henry Girls           So Long But Not Goodbye                   Beste              Americana
     The Palominos             Mr. Used To Be                            Randm              Americana
     The Roys                  Gypsy Runaway Train                       HotDisc            Americana
     Thorne Hill               All My Days                               HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Tift Merritt              Still Not Home                            Crossover          Americana
     Tim McGraw                Lookin' For That Girl                     Big Machine        Medium
     Tim Sweeney               Somebody To Love                          House              Indies/Extra's
     TJ Broscoff               Falling Down                              CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Tobi Gordon               Grandma's Love Recipe                     Platinum Plus      Medium
     Tokyo Rosenthal           What Did I Used To Be                     Rock & Sock        Medium
     Tommy Brandt              Country Boy                               HMG                Indies/Extra's
     Tommy Joe Wilson          Cold Beer                                 CDTex              Americana
     Tonya Kennedy             Moonshine                                 SR                 Medium
     Tracy Lawrence            Lie                                       LMC                Light
     Tracy Newman              I Would Fly                               Western Heart      Medium
     Trevor Alguire            In The Palm Of My Hand                    TA                 Americana
     Troy Cartwright           I'm With You                              CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Truth & Salvage Co.       Appalachian Hilltop                       Megaforce          Americana
     Two Tons Of Steel         Ease My Mind                              Smith              Americana
     Van Morrison              Moondance (2013)                          WB                 Americana
     Vince Hatfield            Don't Look Good In Blue                   HotDisc            Light
     Whiskey Gentry            I Ain't Nothing                           SR                 Americana
     Whiskey Myers             Shelter From The Rain                     New West           Americana
     Wild Feathers             Got It Wrong                              WB                 Americana
     Will Hoge                 Band On The Run                           Reviver            Americana
     Will Kimbrough            Home Economics                            Daphne             Americana
     Willie Nelson/Dolly PartonFrom Here To The Moon & Back              New West           Americana
     Willie Neson/Mavis StaplesGrandma's Hands                           New West           Americana
     Wink Keziah               When I Get Paid                           Great South        Americana
     Wyatt Easterling          If A Tree Falls                           Phoenix Rising     Light
     Wylie & Wild West         Without You                               Hi Line            Americana
     Wyoming Jackson           Seven Years Ago                           WJ                 Americana
     Zach Coffey               I Love You anyway                         CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Zane Williams             Little Too Late                           Be                 Indies/Extra's
      Total: 490





























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