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The CountryBear has now changed it's weekly Spin report to make it more user friendly. The week's report is now sorted by artist's name followed by the song title, label and Spin Category.

Here is the Spin legend:

Power -----32 Spins

Medium----- 22 Spins

Light-----16 Spins

Indie/Extra----7 Spins

Americana-----7 Spins

     CountryBear Radio     Current Album Tracks
                                                                         Updated on 9/19/2014  12:05 PM
     Title                              Artist                             Record Co. 
     Caroline                           6 East                             SR                 
     Be The One                         6 East                             SR
     Blue Suede Shoes                   Ace Diamond                        Allagash
     Treat Me Right                     Ace Diamond                        Allagash
     Ami Blue                           Ace Diamond                        Allagash
     Little Cabin By The Sea            Ace Diamond                        Allagash
     Great Balls Of Fire                Ace Diamond                        Allagash
     What A Way To Go                   Ace Diamond                        Allagash
     The Light                          Allan Hall                         Curb
     Sierra                             Ask The Woods                      SR
     Happy Hour                         Ask The Woods                      SR
     Stacking Up The Rocks              Balsam Range                       Mountain Home
     Too High A Price To Pay            Balsam Range                       Mountain Home
     Ain't No Tellin'                   Bastard Sons Of Johnny Cash        Randm
     Well Worn Heart                    Bastard Sons Of Johnny Cash        Randm
     Poor Man's Son                     Bastard Sons Of Johnny Cash        Randm
     No Honky Tonks                     Bastard Sons Of Johnny Cash        Randm
     Well Worn Heart                    Bastard Sons Of Johnny Cash        Randm
     Nothing To Lose                    Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys      Cow Island
     555-2109                           Bill Wence                         615
     Whiskey Take Me Away               Bill Wence                         615
     A Prayer From Montana              Bill Wence                         615
     Swept Away                         Blue Muse                          SR
     Undefeated                         Bobby Bare Jr.                     BLoodshot
     Love Me & Make It All Better (2012)Bobby Lewis                        Heart Of Texas
     There's Nothing Better             Bobby Lewis                        Heart Of Texas
     How Long Has It Been (2012)        Bobby Lewis                        Heart Of Texas
     Doggone This Heartache             Bobby Lewis                        SR
     Already Gone To My Heart           Bobby Lewis                        SR
     Hello Mary Lou (2012)              Bobby Lewis                        Heart Of Texas
     Everything's Good In Texas         Bobby Lewis                        SR
     Doggone This Heartache             Bobby Lewis                        SR
     Boots & BLue Jeans                 Boo Ray                            Fe
     Tonight I'm Gonna Lose             Brad Boyer                         Thunderbird
     Long Cold December                 Brad Boyer                         Thunderbird
     Seems Like There Ain't No Goin' H...rad Wolfe                         Velvet Saw
     It's My Home And God Knows I L...  Brad Wolfe                         Velvet Saw
     So Glad To Have You Back           Brad Wolfe                         Velvet Saw
     Sixteen Again                      Brian McComas                      Lyric Street
     That's Where I Belong              Bryan Sutton                       Sugar Hill
     Lonely One In This Town            Buddy & Jim                        New Est
     I Lost My Job                      Buddy & Jim                        New West
     Forever And A Day                  Buddy & Jim                        New West
     It Hurts Me                        Buddy & Jim                        New West
     The Train That Carried My Gal Fro...uddy & Jim                        New West
     Troubadour Heart                   Buzz Cason                         Plowboy
     Love Is Not A Crime                Byron Hill                         BHP
     Two Tenty-Five Maple Street        Byron Hill                         BHP
     Sorrow Lines The Highway Of Reg... Cahalen Morrison                   Free Dirt
     Even The Bad Times Are Good        Candi Staton                       Fame
     Where Were You?                    Candi Staton                       Fame
     Parking Lot                        Carrie Ann Carroll                 Treehouse
     You Know What's Really Messed ...  Carrie Ann Carroll                 Treehouse
     Took It Like A Man                 Carrie Elkin/Danny Schmidt         Red House
     Close To Breaking                  Casey Weston                       CW
     Mansion On The Hill                Cerrito/Jett Williams              Checo
     I Can't Help It                    Cerrito/Kathie Baillie             Checo
     CountryBear Radio     Current Album Tracks
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     Title                              Artist                             Record Co. 
     Today I Started Loving You Again   Cerrito/Liza Martin                Checo              
     Honorable Women                    Charlie Greene                     Artist Tribe
     Everything Gets Me Down            Charlie Greene                     Artist Tribe
     Love I Found                       Chatham County Line                YepRoc
     It's All About Me                  Cherlene                           KJG
     Supersitious Heart                 Chris Chitsey                      SR
     Just Don't Know It Yet             Chris Chitsey                      SR
     Lonely In Tucson                   Chris Chitsey                      SR
     The One Left Behind                Chris Chitsey                      SR
     Rainy Day Tonight                  Chris Chitsey                      SR
     Save Water Drink Beer              Chris Young                        RCA
     Lost                               Chris Young                        RCA
     Old Love Peels New                 Chris Young                        RCA
     Flowers                            Chris Young                        RCA
     White Lightnin' Hit The Family TreeChris Young                        RCA
     Every Step I Take                  Craig Moreau                       CM
     Blue Memories                      Crowe Lawson & Williams            Mountain Home
     Fraulein                           Crowe Lawson & Williams            Mountain Home
     Between The RIver & Me             Dave Caley                         SR
     Wild Ones                          Dave Caley                         SR
     Ain't Livin' Long Like This        Dave Caley                         Renewed
     What If We Could                   Dave Carter                        Playback
     Since I Found You                  Dave Carter                        Playback
     Amazing You                        Dave Carter                        Playback
     Gettin' Older's Gettin' Easy       Dave Kemp                          APCB
     Couldn't Get A Fire Started At HomeDave Kemp                          APCB
     You Can't Forgive                  Del Shannon                        Bug
     She's Always On My Mind            Del Shannon                        Bug
     Beautiful Body                     Del Shannon                        Bug
     Miss You Like I Do                 Del Shannon                        Bug
     Nobody's Business                  Del Shannon                        Bug
     Little By Little                   Del Shannon                        Bug
     You Still Live Here                Del Shannon                        Bug
     Stranger On The Run                Del Shannon                        Bug
     Blame The Whiskey                  Dennis Ledbetter                   Mallory
     What Am I Gonna Do                 Dennis Ledbetter                   Mallory
     She Ain't BLind nd You Ain't Brailleennis Ledbetter                   Mallory
     One Pitcher Pretty                 Dennis Ledbetter                   Mallory
     She's Giving Him The Best Years O...ennis Ledbetter                   Mallory
     I Need A Little Time               Dennis Ledbetter                   Mallory
     Suspicious Minds                   DK Davis                           Rt. 66
     Great Balls Of Fire                DK Davis                           Rt. 66
     As One ( Beach Edit)               DK Davis                           Rt. 66
     My Secret Love                     DK Davis                           Rt. 66
     Don't Cha Know                     DK Davis                           Rt. 66
     It All Comes Back To Me            Doc Holiday                        Mega
     Miss You Miss Me                   Dolly Parton                       Sony
     Don't Think Twice                  Dolly Parton                       Sony
     If I Had Wings                     Dolly Parton                       Sony
     From Here To The Moon & Back       Dolly Parton/Willie Nelson         Sony
     Sing Me Back Home                  Don Williams                       Sugar Hill
     Talk Is Cheap                      Don Williams                       Sugar Hill
     Back To The Simple Things          Don Williams                       Sugar Hill
     No Reason Why                      Donna The Buffalo                  Sugar Hill
     Send Me The Pillow                 Donna Ulisse                       Hadley
     Somebody Somewhere(Don't Kno...    Donna Ulisse                       Hadley
     If That's The Way You Feel         Donna Ulisse                       Hadley`
     CountryBear Radio     Current Album Tracks
                                                                                           Page 3
     Title                              Artist                             Record Co. 
     In The Good Old Days               Donna Ulisse                       Hadley             
     Just Three Minutes                 Doug Bruce                         SR
     Broke Down Heart                   Doug Bruce                         SR
     Without You                        Doug Bruce                         SR
     Message In The Bottle              Doug Bruce                         SR
     The Other Side Of A Heartache      Doug Bruce                         SR
     Another Winding Road               Doug Bruce                         SR
     In The Back Yard                   Doug Bruce                         SR
     Coming Soon                        Doyle Lawson                       SSK
     Can't Even Pray                    Dulcie Taylor                      Mesa
     On A Rainy Day                     Dulcie Taylor                      Mesa
     Take A Chance                      Dulcie Taylor                      Mesa
     Don't Let Your Deal Go Down        Earls Of Leicester                 Rounder
     When The Thought Of You Catche...  Fayssoux                           Red Beet
     Some Things Are Too Good To Last   Fayssoux                           Red Beet
     I Was Gone                         Finnegan Bell                      Straight 8
     Pieces                             Finnegan Bell                      Straight 8
     Cry On My Shoulder                 Gail Davies                        Little Chicadee
     The Way It Used To Be              Gail Davies                        Little Chicadee
     The Long Black Ribbon              Gal Holiday                        GH
     You Mean The World To Me           Gal Holiday                        GH
     Three Minutes At A Time            Gene Watson                        Shanachie
     Wrong Way To Find Mr. Right        Gene Watson                        Shanachie
     Till A Better Memory Comes Along   Gene Watson                        Shanachie
     Use Me Again                       Gene Watson                        Shanachie
     It's My Lie                        Gene Watson                        Shanachie
     I Know An Ending                   Gene Watson                        Shanachie
     Still They Call Me Love            Gene Watson                        Shanachie
     Speakin' Of The Angel              Gene Watson                        Shanachie
     Taste Of The Truth                 Gene Watson                        Shanachie
     Alone Together                     Gene Watson/Rhonda Vincent         SR
     Making Everything Perfect Tonight  Gene Watson/Rhonda Vincent         SR
     This Wanting You                   Gene Watson/Rhonda Vincent         SR
     Out Of Hand                        Gene Watson/Rhonda Vincent         SR
     We've Got A Pulse                  Gene Watson/Trace Adkins           Shanachie
     From This Moment On                Geoff Hansplant                    Twilight Tango
     Galveston                          Glen Campbell                      Surfdog
     True Grit                          Glen Campbell                      Surfdog
     By The Time I Get To Phoenix       Glen Campbell                      Surfdog
     Gentle On My Mind                  Glen Campbell                      Surfdog
     Wichita Lineman                    Glen Campbell                      Surfdog
     Electricity Bomb                   Grace & Tony                       Rock Ridge
     Okie From Muskogee                 Hank Williams III                  Curb
     Ramblin' Man                       Hank Williams III                  Curb
     If You Told Me To                  Hunter Hayes                       WB
     Cry With You                       Hunter Hayes                       WB
     Love Makes Me                      Hunter Hayes                       WB
     Faith To Fall Back On              Hunter Hayes                       WB
     Somebody's Heartbreak              Hunter Hayes                       WB
     Rockets                            Infamous Stringdusters             Highcountry
     The Place That I Call Home         Infamous Stringdusters             Highcountry
     Cow Boy Hippies                    J Miller Band                      SR
     Got Leaving On Her Mind            Jack Clement                       IRS
     Fools Like Me                      Jack Clement                       IRS
     Just A Girl I Used To Know         Jack Clement                       IRS
     I Know One                         Jack Clement                       IRS
     Drunk On Love                      Jeff Maddox                        JMM
     CountryBear Radio     Current Album Tracks
                                                                                           Page 4
     Title                              Artist                             Record Co. 
     That's What Love Does              Jeff Maddox                        JMM                
     Ghost Town                         Jen Mize                           Pathfinder
     Hell For Leather                   Jen Mize                           Pathfinder
     Brother                            Jenny Scheinman                    Sony
     Drown                              Jerry Castle                       Myworld
     If There's A God                   Jess Klein                         Motherlode
     Rhythm Of The Rain                 Jesse Winchester                   Appleseed
     Devil Or Angel                     Jesse Winchester                   Appleseed
     Blinded By Love                    Jill & Julia                       Lamon
     Little Games                       Jill & Julia                       Lamon
     Poison                             Jill & Julia                       Lamon
     I'm The Best You'll Ever Do        Jim & Lynna Woolsey                Broken
     Letter From The City               Jim & Lynna Woolsey                Broken
     Road That Brings You Home          Jim & Lynna Woolsey                Broken
     God Don't Take American Express    Jim Fullen                         Comstock
     Daddy Finally Made It To Church    Jim Fullen                         Comstock
     Hell's Fire And Damnation          Jim Fullen                         Comstock
     Happiness                          Jim Lauderdale                     Sky Cruch
     Makin' Honey                       Jim Lauderdale                     Smith
     Hope And Find                      Jim Lauderdale                     Smith
     The World Is Waiting               Jim Lauderdale                     Smith
     The King Of Broken Hearts          Jim Lauderdale                     Smith
     I'm A Song                         Jim Lauderdale                     Smith
     I've Been A Fool One Time Before   Jim Lauderdale                     Smith
     On The Level                       Jim Lauderdale                     Sky Crunch
     I Might Seem Like A Loser          Jim Lauderdale                     Smith
     Let Him Come To You                Jim Lauderdale                     Smith
     I Don't Want To Be A Sinner Any... Jim Lauderdale                     Smith
     Past It                            Jim Lauderdale                     Smith
     I Lost You                         Jim Lauderdale/Buddy Miller        Smith
     Doin' Time In Bakersville          Jim Lauderdale/Lee Ann Womack      Smith
     A Day With No Tomorrow             Jim Lauderdale/Lee Ann Womack      Smith
     Today I've Got The Yesterdays      Jim Lauderdale/Patty Loveless      Smith
     One More Ride                      Joe Sundell                        SR
     Run For Your Life                  John Cowan                         Compass
     The Things I Haven't Done          John Cowan                         Compass
     I Drove Her Out Of My Mind         Johnny Cash                        Columbia
     Tennessee                          Johnny Cash                        Columbia
     I'm Movin' On                      Johnny Cash/Waylon                 Columbia
     You Still Do It                    Joseph Lemay                       SR
     Fearlessly                         Jubal Lee Young                    Reconstruction
     Careful With Your Heart            Jubal Lee Young                    Reconstruction
     On My Conscience                   Justin Currie                      Compass
     I Hate Myself For Loving You       Justin Currie                      Compass
     Picture In A Drawer                Justin Townes Earle                Vagrant
     It's Cold In This House            Justin Townes Earle                Vagrant
     There's A Song In There Somewhere  Kacey Jones                        IGO
     Tell Me Why                        Kacey Jones                        IGO
     Amen For Old Friends               Kacey Jones                        IGO
     I Miss You                         Kacey Musgraves                    Mercury
     Dandelion                          Kacey Musgraves                    Mercury
     It Is What It Is                   Kacey Musgraves                    Mercury
     Silver Lining                      Kacey Musgraves                    Mercury
     No Place To Fall                   Kathleen Grace                     Monsoon
     Old Man & The Kid                  Kenny Butterill                    NoBull
     Leavin' On Your Mind               Laini Risto                        Comstock
     I'm Checking Out                   Laini Risto                        Comstock
     CountryBear Radio     Current Album Tracks
                                                                                           Page 5
     Title                              Artist                             Record Co. 
     Feels Like Home                    Laini Risto                        LR                 
     Walkin' After Midnight             Laini Risto                        Comstock
     If You Could Be Here Tonight       Laini Risto                        LR
     You Don't Know Me                  Laini Risto                        Comstock
     The Family Tree                    Laini Risto                        LR
     Echoes Of My Life                  Laini Risto                        LR
     Tennessee Waltz                    Laini Risto                        Comstock
     Desperado                          Laini Risto                        Comstock
     What Do You Have In Mind           Laini Risto                        LR
     Chances Are                        Lee Ann Womack                     Sugar Hill
     Sleeping With The Devil            Lee Ann Womack                     Sugar Hill
     Out On The Weekend                 Lee Ann Womack                     Sugar Hill
     Don't Listen To The Wind           Lee Ann Womack                     Sugar Hill
     Prelude: Fly                       Lee Ann Womack                     Sugar Hill
     Not Forgotten You                  Lee Ann Womack                     Sugar Hill
     See About A Girl                   Lee Brice                          Curb
     One More Day                       Lee Brice                          Curb
     Seven Days A Thousand Times        Lee Brice                          Curb
     Uncle Joe                          Lee Sims                           LSM
     Siummer/Fall                       Lee Sims                           LSM
     Folsom Prison Blues                Lee Sims
     Honey Don't                        Lee Sims                           Western Heart
     Texas Girl                         Lee Sims                           LS
     I Take It On Home                  Lee Sims
     Statue Of A Fool                   Lee Sims
     Mama Tried                         Lee Sims
     Why You Been Gone So Long          Lee Sims                           LSM
     The Waltz                          Lee Sims                           LSM
     December Thirty One                Levi Lowrey                        Roar
     Don't Blame Me                     Levi Lowrey                        Roar
     Trying Not To Die                  Levi Lowrey                        Roar
     Falling Off The Face Of The World  Linda Mcrae                        Borealis
     When The Whiskey's Gone            LoCust Honey                       SR
     Tightrope                          Lynne Hanson                       SR
     Dallas Summer Nights               Madison King                       State Fair
     Lesson Learned In Love             Madison King                       State Fair
     What Do I Do With Me               Maggie Austin                      Gulfwind
     That's Me                          Maggie Austin                      Gulfwind
     Does Anybody Love Anymore          Maggie Austin                      Gulfwind
     Another Cruel Day                  Maggie Austin                      Gulfwind
     I Wanna Be That Song               Maggie Austin                      Gulfwind
     Breathe                            Maggie Austin                      Gulfwind
     I'm Glad That You Don't Know       Malpass Brothers                   Hag
     I'm Leaving You Today              Malpass Brothers                   Hag
     These Cold Fingers                 Mark Erelli                        SR
     Birches                            Mark Erelli                        SR
     Wait                               Mark Jungers                       American Rural
     If These Old Bones Could Talk      Matt Hillyer                       Run Up Tree
     Home Is Where The Heartbreak Is    Matt Hillyer                       Run Up Tree
     My Enemy My Heart                  Matt Hillyer                       Run Up Tree
     I Still Have A Little Falling Left To ...illyer                       Run Up Tree
     I'm Just Country                   Michael Goodman                    MammerJam
     Carryin' On What Nashville Left Be...chael Goodman                    MammerJam
     Lyin' Cryin'                       Michael Goodman                    MammerJam
     Lovin' You Again                   Mickey Clark                       SR
     Long Road To Nowhere               Micky And The Motorcars            SR
     Destined To Fall                   Micky And The Motorcars            SR
     CountryBear Radio     Current Album Tracks
                                                                                           Page 6
     Title                              Artist                             Record Co. 
     When You Lie                       Midnight River Choir               Rambling Gypsy     
     Tombstone Lullaby                  Midnight River Choir               Rambling Gypsy
     Dance With Me Darlin'              Mike Kakos                         Heartbeat Sounds
     Used To Call it Love               Moot Davis                         Crow Town
     My Hometown                        Mustered Courage                   Travianna
     Where Is Love Now                  Nickel Creek                       Nonesuch
     Wild One                           Nikki Lane                         New West
     You Can't Talk To Me Like That     Nikki Lane                         New West
     Givin' All My Lovin' To You        Nikki Nelson                       Trip Junction
     The Fire Of My Daddy's Love        Nikki Nelson                       Trip Junction
     Firewater                          Old Crow Medicine Show             ATO
     Muddy Waters                       Osborne Brothers                   Pinecastle
     My Baby's Gone                     Osborne Brothers                   Pinecastle
     Ocean Of Tears                     Paul Burch                         Plowboy
     I Backslide On Friday              Paul Thorn                         Perpetual Obscurity
     Always                             Puss n Boots                       Bluenote
     California                         Radney Foster                      Devil's River
     Hard Light Of Day                  Radney Foster                      Devil's River
     The Man You Want                   Radney Foster                      Devil's River
     Mine Until The Morning             Radney Foster                      Devil's River
     Whose Heart You Wreck              Radney Foster                      Devil's River
     Matter Much To You                 Raul Malo                          Fantasy
     Act Like The Devil                 Ray Blackwater                     Snowtiger
     Love Knew                          Ray Blackwater                     Snow Tiger
     Friends Lover & Strangers          Ray Blackwater                     Snowtiger
     Two Step Melody                    Ray Blackwater                     Snow Tiger
     It Always Will Be                  Ray Price                          AmeriMonte
     No More Songs To Sing              Ray Price                          AmeriMonte
     This Thing Of Ours                 Ray Price                          Amerimonte
     I Can See You With My Eyes Clos... Ray Price                          AmeriMonte
     Have I Been Loved Or Been Had      Ray Sanders                        Hillside
     When The Neon Light Comes On       Ray Sanders                        Hillside
     I'm Loving You Loving Me           Ray Sanders                        Hillside
     You Don't Have The Heart For It    Red Molly                          RM
     Waist Deep                         Richard Burr                       Kickin Dust
     Mariachi Hotel                     Rick Shea                          Tres Pescadores
     Nothing Beats A Family             Ricky Skaggs                       Skaggs Family
     You Can't Hurt Ham                 Ricky Skaggs                       Skaggs Family
     Blue Night                         Ricky Skaggs                       Skaggs Family
     High Lonesome                      Ridley Bent                        Americana North
     Sometimes The Grass Is Really Gre...obbie Fulks                       Bloodshot
     That's Where I'm From              Robbie Fulks                       Bloodshot
     Duck Festival Queen                Rod Melancon                       Medina River
     The Flyboy & The Kid               Rodney Crowell                     New West
     Oh What A Beautiful World          Rodney Crowell                     New West
     I Wouldn't Be Me Without You       Rodney Crowell                     New West
     Famous Last Words Of A Fool In L...Rodney Crowell                     New West
     The Long Journey Home              Rodney Crowell                     New West
     Frankie Please                     Rodney Crowell                     New West
     God I'm Missing You                Rodney Crowell                     New West
     That's How It Feels                Ronnie Robbins                     Columbia
     The Soil's Too Poor                Ronnie Robbins                     Columbia
     I Can't Quit                       Ronnie Robbins                     Columbia
     It Finally Happened                Ronnie Robbins                     Columbia
     Love Of The Common People          Ronnie Robbins                     Columbia
     Big Mouthin' Around                Ronnie Robbins                     Columbia
     Marsha                             Ronnie Robbins                     Columbia
     CountryBear Radio     Current Album Tracks
                                                                                           Page 7
     Title                              Artist                             Record Co. 
     Gravity Well                       Rose's Pawnshop                    SR                 
     Go Get Gone                        Rose's Pawnshop                    SR
     Give It Time                       Ross Cooper                        SR
     Running Away                       Ross Cooper                        SR
     Dreamers                           Ross Cooper                        SR
     The Other Side Of Love             Sam Roark                          SR
     If Heaven's Got a Back             Sam Roark                          SR
     Little Rain                        Sam Roark                          SR
     Nashville Can Wait                 Sam Roark                          SR
     For All Times                      Scott Lyle Band                    Tate
     Black And Blue                     Secret Sisters                     Republic
     Lonely Island                      Secret Sisters                     Republic
     Anytime                            Shoebox Letters                    SR
     Crash                              Shoebox Letters                    SR
     Battling The Bottle                Shoebox Letters                    SR
     Honest Truth                       Shoebox Letters                    SR
     Sweet Talk                         Shoebox Letters                    SR
     Desperate Days                     Shoebox Letters                    SR
     This Is Not The Way                Shoebox Letters                    SR
     After The Storm                    Shovels & Rope                     Dualtone
     Swimmin' Time                      Shovels & Rope                     Dualtone
     Country Boogie Baby                Smokey River Boys                  Platinum Plus
     Maama's Love Recipe                Smokey River Boys                  Platinum Plus
     Third Degree Burn                  Smokey River Boys                  Platinum Plus
     One Piece At A Tme                 Smokey River Boys                  Platinum Plus
     All Pure Country ( Album Tradk)    Smokey River Boys                  Platinum Plus
     World Without Love                 Spencer Day/Kathleen Grace         SDM
     Come On Trouble                    Stan Martin                        Twangtone
     The Note                           Stan Martin                        Twangtone
     Goodbye Houston                    Stan Martin                        Twangtone
     Damn This Town                     Stan Martin                        Twangtone
     Whiskey Morning                    Stan Martin                        Twangtone
     Running Away                       Stan Martin                        Twangtone
     Goin' Where The Lonely Go          Suzy Boggus                        Lloyal Dutchess
     Someday When Things Are Good       Suzy Boggus                        Loyal Dutchess
     Let's Chase Each Other             Suzy Boggus                        Loyal Dutchess
     If We Make It Thru December        Suzy Boggus                        Lyal Dutchess
     The Bottle Let Me Down             Suzy Boggus                        Loyal Dutchess
     Susie Darlin'                      Sweet Mikey C                      Sweet Mikey C
     I Still Miss Someone               Sweet Mikey C                      Sweet Mikey C
     When My Blue Moon Turns To G...    Sweet Mikey C                      SMC
     Heartbeat                          Sweet Mikey C                      Sweet Mikey C
     Ooby Dooby                         Sweet Mikey C                      Sweet Mikey C
     Cryin' Waitin' Hopin'              Sweet Mikey C                      Sweet Mikey C
     I Fought The Law                   Sweet Mikey C                      Sweet Mikey C
     You Don't Know                     T Sisters                          Spruce & Maple
     16 Tons                            Tammy Bailis                       TB
     To A Friend                        Tammy Bailis                       TB
     If You Get Lonely                  Tammy Bailis                       SR
     I Will Always Miss You             Tammy Bailis                       TB
     The Woman's Room                   Tammy Bailis                       TB
     Stock Up                           Tammy Bailis                       TB
     Mamma's Song                       Tammy Bailis                       TB
     San Diego Freeway                  Tammy Bailis                       TB
     How Come You Don't Want Me No...   Tammy Bailis                       SR
     Easy Lovin'                        Ted Palmer                         SR
     Where Do Cowboys Go                Terry Brown                        THB
     CountryBear Radio     Current Album Tracks
                                                                                           Page 8
     Title                              Artist                             Record Co. 
     Goin' Down The Line                The A.H. Factor                    TigerKat           
     God's Candybox                     The A.H. Factor                    TigerKat
     Willoughby                         The A.H. Factor                    TigerKat
     Hollywood                          The Falls                          Verve
     Que Sera Sera                      The Hello Strangers                SR
     The Weather                        The Henry Girls                    Beste
     It's Not Easy                      The Henry Girls                    Beste
     Broken Hearts Anonymous            The Jimmy Ray Guns                 SR
     Cautionary Tale                    The Mastersons                     New West
     Nobody Knows                       The Mastersons                     New West
     It's Not Like Me                   The Mastersons                     New West
     You Provide The Heartbreak         The Palominos                      Randm
     Nothing Better Than You            Tracy Newman                       TN
     You Say You Miss Me                Tracy Newman                       TN
     Already Missing You                Tracy Newman                       TN
     Shootin' Beer Cans Off My Fence    Travis Whitelaw                    Skull Bros
     Miles Away                         Trevor Alguire                     TA
     Hard Place                         True North                         True North
     Branded Man                        Vince Gill/Paul Franklin           MCA
     The Bottle Let Me Down             Vince Gill/Paul Franklin           MCA
     He Don't Deserve You Anymore       Vince Gill/Paul Franklin           MCA
     Foolin' Around                     VinceGil/Paul Franklin             MCA
     Summerfly                          Westwend                           Ante Flow
     Fourteen Carat Mind                Westwend                           Ante Flow
     Running Home                       William Pilgrim                    Live Ice
     No One Else To Blame               William Pilgrim                    Live Ice
     The Wall                           Willie Nelson                      Sony
     Hard To Be An Outlaw               Willie Nelson                      Sony
     Crazy Like Me                      Willie Nelson                      Sony
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